Therapeutic and personal development coaching can help you to evolve and grow as a person so that you can manage the demands of life more smoothly and be the best you can be.

Skills and personal development coaching

To develop and strengthen assertiveness, resilience, self confidence, and self belief. To develop and strengthen the core skills of effective communication, presentations, managing people, and / or performance in meetings. To prevent and manage stress and burnout whilst optimising time and energy to feel more empowered.

College / University Preparation

To identify strengths and personality traits for academic advantage, as well as and learning to manage other traits which might be detrimental. Memory, learning and motivational styles assessment and personality profiling enables effective and efficient use of study time whilst preventing mental fatigue and frustration; includes recommendations. This concept is based on private higher education intake assessments which have been developed in Queensland by an Educational Psychologist and Academic staff to give the edge to high achieving students aiming for optimal results. Includes a report and recommendations. Assessments can take up to a day.

University Support Coaching & Mentoring

A block of 12 supportive sessions over the academic year can be taken either in person or by phone or Skype at mutually agreed intervals. This support, coaching and mentoring whilst at university can prove helpful to keep work on track, reduce stress and get the maximum from the university experience which can prove a very difficult time for young people.


Help with difficulties in meeting someone and establishing a relationship, to decisions about an existing relationship, repairing and strengthening relationships or recovering from a difficult split.


Weight loss coaching involves exploring and overcoming issues such as emotional eating, self sabotage, body confidence, self criticism and so on. I also work with people having gastric bypass surgery who require Psychological assessment and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) / treatment sessions prior to and following their surgery.
Because Overeating is often driven by our emotions, impulses & habits approaching weight loss from a psychological perspective can be effective. I offer Breakthrough sessions for the National Centre for Eating Disorders which take place over half a day.

Self confidence and self esteem

Having low self confidence and esteem can impact quality of life. Exploring negative beliefs and patterns as well as learning how to change those patterns forms a valuable part of  a personal development plan.

Anger Management

It can be difficult to deal with conflicts and negotiate difficult situations. Anger management explores the reasons behind angry outbursts and enables better personal control in trigger situations.

Workplace Difficulties

It is often helpful to speak to someone to explore how to deal with difficult work colleagues, and situations and adjusting to promotion or a new / changed job role. Private help is available for those wishing to shine at interviews, decrease interview nerves, and increase confidence in or out of the workplace.