Psychological Assessment & Reports:

Assessments can take several hours and may therefore require more than 1 appointment. Following assessment and assuming any / all additional relevant information is available, the completed report can take between 2- 4 weeks to produce. Assessments are charged at £90/hr. plus travel, preparation, interpretation and writing up time. More accurate timescales and fees can be provided on an individual case by case basis.

IQ & Cognitive Function

Autistic Spectrum Disorder & ADHD

Mental Capacity / Fitness to plead

PTSD assessment

Domestic Abuse Stalking & Harrasment (DASH) risk assessment

Mental Health

Personality Profiling & Personality Disorder Assessment (International Personality Disorders Examination IPDE)

Psychopathy Assessment (PCL-R)

Child and Family assessments care & contact proceedings

Substance Misuse

Risk & Ability to Protect a child

Capacity to Change


Dyslexia Testing