Downloads: these are pre-recorded audios on popular subjects and are aimed at answering typical questions commonly asked during sessions.
Offering help, information and advice they cost a fraction of the price of a full session and
can be downloaded immediately and listened to on your computer or on any MP3 player such as an ipod. Please read the Terms & Conditions before downloading.


"My daughter / son has an eating disorder - what should I do?"

This is designed to help parents, family and loved ones of those who may have (or do have) an eating disorder Helpful tips, ways of communicating, what not to do.

  • How to tell whether someone has an Eating Disorder
  • How best to help & communicate with them
  • Where to get help

A short course in Mindfulness

A short course in Mindfulness

Incorporating Mindfulness in your everyday life can help reduce anxiety symptoms of depression and insomnia. In this 2 hour audio course Melanie talks you through:

  • Part 1: What Mindfulness is, the different states of mind, Mindfulness of thought and examples of how to use mindfulness in every day life.
  • Part 2: There are 5 short and easy mindfulness practices/ exercises to get you started.
  • Cost: less than half the cost of a session

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Loss of a loved one: grief & loss

Loss of a loved one: grief & loss

A two hour audio for those who have been bereaved and lost a loved one. It covers what to expect, guidance & information during this very difficult time.

  • What is grief?
  • How long does it last?
  • Particular difficulties
  • Some advice
  • How best to cope at this difficult time
  • What to tell the children
  • A note on funerals
  • National mourning
  • Where to find further information