private psychologist - angerThe inability to deal with anger is a common reason that brings people to therapy. Emotions build up over time and if not expressed appropriately the individual can no longer contain their feelings. At this point they are unable to think rationally.

Exploring where the anger comes from is a helpful part of the work (the anger may be from something unrelated and rooted in the past, or be part of a grief reaction for example).

It is helpful to explore alternative and appropriate ways to communicate feelings when they occur and learn different emotional management strategies.

Anger which is repressed does not go away but tends to build up and get worse by which time the angry persons behaviour becomes so intolerable to others that it can lead to a breakdown of personal and work relationships.

The feeling of anger usually develops because we feel mistreated or frustrated in some way. There may be overt aggression or passive aggressive behaviour. Anger can be a highly destructive emotion leading to all types of physical, emotional, and social consequences. If you think that you may benefit from a course of anger management please get in touch.