Dr Melanie Phelps Private PsychologistAnxiety is often triggered by one or several life changing events and / or ongoing stress. Anyone suffering with anxiety will know that this is a debilitating condition that greatly diminishes the quality of life for those affected. Symptoms include trembling, sweating, shaking, hot and cold flushes, dizziness, palpitations, stammering, sleeplessness, terror and fear of the worst and panic attacks.

It is common to question whether something is seriously wrong and some people develop additional anxiety about their health and general wellbeing. It can mean that there is a circle of fear and anxiety about the symptoms of anxiety as well as the original worries, fears and concerns (the “anxiety trap”).

Anxiety can be managed, reduced and eliminated with professional help and some lifestyle changes. Often 6 -8 sessions are sufficient.

Anxiety in TEENAGERS is common at times of change (leaving school, going to college or university, settling in to study or work, changing friends, being uncertain about sexuality, feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to sleep or cope) Teenage anxiety and depression appears to be on the increase. I am used to working with teenagers (16 plus) with these issues and proving a safe and supportive space for them outside of the home.