private psychologist - relationship counsellingThe sessions can help you to take a step back and look at patterns of behaviour and feelings underneath.

It can help you to find a better way of communicating, and re-connecting, helping you to reach a decision about the relationship or making the ending of the relationship (if that is right for you) as easy as possible, particularly if children are involved.

It could be a personal relationship, family relationship or difficulty finding a partner that brings people to therapy.

Perhaps you:

  • Notice that there are repeating negative patterns in your personal relationships?
  • Find yourself making inappropriate choices of partner?
  • Stay too long in difficult, neglectful or abusive relationships where you are not getting your needs met and end up feeling exhausted?
  • Want to leave your relationship but just can’t seem to let go?

Perhaps you:

  • Have just come out of a long term relationship and need to rebuild confidence?
  • Feel that you have lost yourself in a relationship and don’t know who you are any more?
  • Or are just confused or in shock about what went wrong & why the relationship ended?
  • Have unfinished business from a previous relationship which is preventing you moving forward in your life?
  • Are in a relationship but keep having the same repeating arguments which are never resolved?
  • Find that your partner or family member won’t communicate with you or resolve disagreements?

If you would like to work on any of these issues then relationship therapy and coaching may be the right choice for you so that existing as well as future relationships can be different.