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Skype / Face time sessions

Having therapy by Skype is increasingly popular due to flexibility and convenience. This is ideal for you if you who travel frequently or your lifestyle makes regular face to face sessions difficult.

Skype is a free application and can be downloaded by clicking below.

PC users
Mac users

Phone sessions

These generally work best from a land-line (mobile phone signals can break up and interrupt the session) and in a place (home or work) where you feel comfortable and safe to talk in private.

Workshops & Courses

We regularly run short workshops and courses – see the section for courses for the latest ones


If you wish to work intensively on an issue then this can be done by booking double sessions or two sessions a week. We can work something out for your particular circumstances. This tends to suit people who are between jobs or have a length of time off for example students on summer vacation.

Free personal online journal – Penzu

Journalling has been described as talking to someone when nobody is there. It can help you offload thoughts and feelings and be like a friend in tough times. Journalling can help to put things into perspective or to record your journey through difficult life changes and transitions. You can make an entry daily, weekly or whenever you feel the need. To get your free personal online journal visit the Penzu website: